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    Manufacturing Opportunities in Newberry

    Newberry is home to a manufacturing sector whose growth can be attributed to one word: innovation. Whether manufacturing medical devices for international markets, or batteries to power monitoring systems on the International Space Station, Newberry manufacturers are leading their sectors through innovative products and processes.

    As one of the City’s primary targeted industries, Newberry has put out the “welcome” mat to manufacturing companies. The City, through its Economic Development Committee, is actively working at the local and state level to bring a certified manufacturing academy to Newberry High School, which will provide local manufacturers with the ready-to-work talent pool they need to excel.


    Agribusiness Opportunities in Newberry

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    Healthcare Opportunities in Newberry

    One of the great things about being neighbors with the University of Florida is immediate access to world-class healthcare facilities in UF’s Shands Hospital System. Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL is nationally ranked in 3 adult specialties, and ranked, “high-performing” in 8 other adult specialties, while Shands Children’s Hospital is nationally ranked in 7 pediatric specialties (“Best Hospitals,” and “Best Children’s Hospitals” rankings for 2015-16, U.S. News & World Report). Shands also boasts the largest Trauma Center in the region, with an on-site helipad equipped to receive patients from across the region via ShandsCair, the critical care transport system of UF Health Shands Hospital.

    The area is also served by an extensive network of private hospital and specialty facilities such as the North Florida Regional Medical Center, a 445-bed, full-service medical and surgical acute care center that is a member of the Hospital Corporation of America.

    Whether you are looking for a new home for your business, or a new home for your family, and want to ensure your employees and loved ones will have access to state-of-the-art healthcare, you won’t find a better location for your healthcare needs.

    Healthcare Links:

    University of Florida Health System:

    North Florida Regional Medical Center: